Blockchain has been defined by experts as the most disruptive technology since the advent of the Internet. Really, blockchain is an encrypted and distributed block chain, in other words, it is not centralized, It also allows for secure transactions without the need for trusted intermediaries. Among its benefits include transparency, agility and efficiency that contributes to the processes. Blockchain is the sum of several technologies that allow creating new ways of having and distributing value in the network.

Tokenize your home

Its application in the real estate sector will mean changes in both the purchase and rental process of homes and construction.

Without the need for reliable intermediaries, tokenization will allow the purchase of fractions of homes for rent or purchase and the maintenance of buildings will be done through smart contracts connected to the devices, reducing transaction costs and execution times.

Incentives to employees through tokenization

Through tokenization, a solid base is built, allowing the company to scale for many years. The more valuable the company is, the more benefits the tokens possesses. A faster liquidity will attract more talent to the organization, people will be more motivated to be part of the organization, and come to work in an industry that provides opportunities to obtain higher economic returns.

Tokenize your association and generate more transparency

An association is created to carry out a collective activity on a stable and non-profit basis, and the best way to demonstrate this purpose is tokenize it and whose income is reflected in the blockchain in the eyes of the world and thus generate confidence.

Tokenize your ticket and avoid fraud or resales

The main functionality of tokenize the tickets on the blockchain is to be able to prove that the one who bought it initially is the sole owner, invalidating the resale. For this purpose, the digital signature will be used, which will be included in the QR that must be presented from your mobile device, and invalidating any other copy.

Tokenice the logistics of your organization

Taking the supply chain to the blockchain will help you improve confidence. The unified information, based on a graphical database, will allow developers to create a broad set of business applications, from supply chain optimization, alert systems for early detection of errors, inform the origin of the product to the consumer, collect data for audits and certifications, y more cases.

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